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Nonli is a powerful advertising platform. We developed new advertising spaces outside AdExchange circuits. Our ad spaces are native, ultra premium and powered by algorithms who combine behavioral and contextual.

With us, cheeky ads do not exist, and we are targeting users one by one.

You can create campaign targeting your audience by country/region/GeoPoint, device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac), bandwidth device (Edge, 3G, 4G/WiFi/DSL), publisher's content category (News, Sports, Business, HiTech, Health, Entertainment) ... You can also monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns in real time and have all the necessary information to optimize.

Our CTR is high, very high, and our CPC is low, because when your campaign is good our CPC decreases.

Our formats: SpotLights and Widgets.

Real Time Marketing

Nonli is the perfect platform for Real Time Marketing Strategy because with our tools My Trends and Social Listening, you will have all the informations you need to create trendy contents to reach a large audience and convert it.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking lets you measure what happens once the users have seen your ad (and/or have clicked on it). You can analyze clicks efficiency and understand which critical activities your users are doing after a click (or view) (buy, download application, registration to a newsletter ...).

Content Marketing

Today, it's really important to have a Content Marketing strategy, but creating contents is not enough, it is obviously necessary to promote contents to gain maximum traffic. Nonli is the best partner for companies who create contents, because content analysis is central to our targeting algorithms. Each content is analyzed and profiled by our engine. This thorough analysis helps us to determine which user has an affinity with one content.


To generate conversions, nothing beats the retargeting. Retargeting is a technique for finding visitors on a particular site that have not finalized the purchase process.

Using a javascript code inserted into all pages of your site, Nonli analyzes the behavior of visitors.

Then we use this data to provide advertising that reflects the user's browsing history. This technique helps to significantly improve the campaign conversion rate