Popular belief #5: I target better with ads than organic publishing

Moïse Morard - Aug 27, 2019 11:56:57 AM
Moïse Morard

We are back to the question of AI in social media.

When you post, AI is going to test your post, natively print it on your fans’ feeds, targeting people with profiles, interests and behaviours similar to those who have previously engaged.

When you target with ads, you are going to orient the AI which is going to print on the feeds of corresponding profiles… and is going to test your ad to print it on the feeds of similar people to those who have engaged.

Therefore, we target differently in the beginning, but in the end, it’s the AI of the social network that will be in charge of printing - and ads that engage cost money, not posts.

In the context of a solution that centralises accounts in order to publish, the costs per click (CPC) of posts are at least 2.5 times inferior to those of ads - a proportion that grows with the volume of posts given that the cost of publishing is fixed, not variable.

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