Popular belief #3: in order to publish, I need to create content

Moïse Morard - Aug 27, 2019 11:38:36 AM
Moïse Morard

The difficulty we encounter when wanting to publish, is content creation and the little time we have to allocate to it.

Yet, there are simple solutions to publish without having to start from scratch:

- republish your own content: after a certain amount of time, a piece of content won’t be printed anymore and you can take advantage of that available content to repost, particularly for subjects that have previously generated engagement;

- reuse content: same content but different format;

e.g. a long video in a post, then an excerpt from that video in a next post, then a quote and an image both extracted from that video into another post, etc.

- your websites: all images and descriptions of your products, services & promotions are potentially powerful engaging pieces of content - your fans know you, they know who you are and often follow you for what you do, take advantage of that!

A popular belief is that if I show my products or promotions to my fans, they will stop following me.

However, the very reason why they follow you is what you do - if I follow an online music instruments shop, am I following it for its tutorials teaching how to play this instrument or use that software? Or is it because I wish to be informed of its sales and new products/brands available in store?

(We cover this subject in more detail in an article called “Revenue growth through organic Social Media: what we can learn from the media”)

- repost content from other users: a piece of engaging content posted by someone else will have good potential with your own audience - and these other users will often tend to share your content in future.

Win-win strategy!

This strategy can be adopted by the company itself but can also be particularly effective when applied by its employees, who not only make its content more visible but will also make the company benefit from their personal brand.

- document your daily work: communicate on the way you generate value with your audience - photos, short videos - that type of content can be particularly effective for communication on your employer brand;

- your existing corporate content: photos of your teams, your offices, your events, etc.

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