Popular belief #4: my fans visit my page

Moïse Morard - Aug 27, 2019 11:45:46 AM
Moïse Morard

Most of us are social media users. How many of us follow Facebook pages? And how many of those visit the pages they follow once they have become fans?

The fact of following a page from the user’s standpoint can have several meanings:

- showing my support to the company/brand

- getting informed first on new products

- keeping up with news (regardless of the nature: political, social, local, industry specific, centre of interest, etc.)

- staying informed on discounts - especially in times of big promotions!

- for entertainment: getting content shared by the page because they are funny or unusual

- the brand’s positioning is positive or fits with my values

Most of the time, your fans follow you so that they do not have to go on your page - and if you publish often, they will get more content from you on their feed (and keep the reach in mind!)

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