Popular belief #1: If I post a lot, I will drown my fans

Moïse Morard - Aug 27, 2019 11:24:35 AM
Moïse Morard

Each social media’s AI has a role, which is, amongst other things, to dispatch posts to its users.

The AI is going to test each of your posts with different users and will keep publishing it until its content engages. An engaging post will experience a snowball effect - unfortunately, all content not going viral, the median number of impressions per post is fairly low.

For example, the reach percentage on a Facebook post is typically 6% of your fans.

A fan will only be at risk of seeing several posts coming from your page after publishing at least 17 posts (100%÷6%) - assuming that he/she will connect to his/her Facebook account all day every day and will see your post in his/her thread.

This means that when deciding to only post once/day, you will only be seen every 17 days by each of your fans - i.e. less than twice/month.

You also need to take 2 things into account:

- Facebook also dispatches your content to users who do not follow you through recommendations, which helps increase the fan base of pages that generate engagement;

- the average time spent by users on each post in their news feed - if they only spend a few seconds there, quickly scrolling, their attention to content will be directly affected.

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