Popular belief #6: the more I post in a day, the less I engage

Moïse Morard - Aug 27, 2019 12:05:38 PM
Moïse Morard

A common belief is that beyond the first post, each subsequent post engages less than the previous one.

The statistical analyses based on billions of publications show that there is no truth on the matter.

It is indeed possible that the 15th piece of content of the day has an impact on fans and becomes viral, as it is possible that the 60th finds more echo that the sum of the previous 59 ones.

The factors are too diverse to draw conclusions on the subject: what is the format of the content? What was its reach? What’s its title? Its message? Is there a description? An image? What’s in the image? Are there faces? How many? What is the background? Urban? Bucolic?

Different types of content with different audiences will systematically show different results, and logically, different engagement...

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