Popular belief #8: there are publication times/days where posts engage more

Moïse Morard - Aug 27, 2019 12:23:25 PM
Moïse Morard

There are many theories on the subject of days and times of publication, some of them being presented as examples of best practices and the other way around for others.

However, these theories disregard 2 elements we have previously covered: AI (with its deferring of impressions) and the content relevance.

Some company pages, within the same industry, happen to get better engagement per post if their posts are published at night or on weekends, whereas their competitors will engage more on weekdays and in the daytime.

Others experience a fairly similar engagement all week - independently of days/times of publication.

There is no truth from that standpoint...

Also, if you follow this theory and everyone published at the same times of the day, wouldn’t the other time slots be an opportunity to grasp then?

Finally, imagine you could identify a publication time that produces more engagement with your audience, it doesn’t mean you should only post at these times - you should obviously maximise those times without neglecting the others.

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