Popular belief #9 : videos engage more than other types of content

Moïse Morard - Aug 27, 2019 12:32:08 PM
Moïse Morard

The question of the type of content is directly linked to your social media strategy. What are your objectives? Get your brand recognised? Improve awareness or ensure the sustainability of its image? Promote your employer brand? Use social networks as a driver of growth? A moderation or customer service tool?

Videos engage a lot, it is true. They generate reactions, shares, we click on them to launch the video if the social network does not take care of it for us…

There are, however, other types of posts that engage a lot: those that are valuable to your audience.

When analysing the normalised volume of engagement besides clicks (bringing all pages to 1 million fans) the type of post that engages the most is the photo.

It engages more than links for example, but when you look at total engagement including clicks, links clearly overtake photos.

By order of normalised engagement, we find the following types of posts on the podium:

1. photo;

2. video;

3. link:

Paradoxically, the link is very seldom used, nay not at all by many pages.

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