Save time and money

You've probably been there: You are in your Facebook application and then you click on a link. A white page loads, long... far too long... So you give up your navigation! We call it discouragement.

Namely, the average discouragement rate we measured is 36.05%. This means that out of 100 clicks from Facebook, 36 will never go through.

SpotLight is here to solve this problem.

Our Spotlight appears really fast, between the click from the social network and the target page. Its design is customizable, but remains light and fluid. The user is not disturbed, discouraged. In this page appears a target page résumé and accurate recommendations (organic AND paid). Most Internet users continue browsing by clicking on "Read the article". SpotLight generates engagement, that's why publishers don't loose any page view, on the contrary, they win! But if the user clicks on an advertiser recommendation, this one pays a click (CPC) and 70% of this transaction will go to the publisher.

SpotLight increases your traffic and your revenue.

*Page Load Time measured with Pingdom, tested from New York


Community Management has become a science and Nonli is the toolbox of these new "scientists". Nonli is a real curation tool to publish your content on social networks. Whether you are a community manager, social influencer, blogger or media company, Nonli will save your time.

You can create different type of Posts: Status, Links, Photos / GIF, Videos. You can create shortlinks, publish them to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+. You can publish on one or more accounts at the same time, directly or programmed. Many other features make Nonli an amazing social publishing platform.


Two powerful features allow you to automatically publish: RSS Bot and Bot Repost.

RSS Bot: Allows you to automatically create Twitter publications from a RSS feed.

Repost Bot: Of all your tweets, some will achieve excellent performance. It’s useful to publish them again to reach a larger audience. Repost Bot lets you do it automatically, and you determine the performance threshold (click) to reach before a "repost".

Social Listening

What's happening on Facebook, in my country or outside? Are my competitors speaking about something I didn't get? Is someone is talking about me or my company? I want to do a buzzy post, what am I going to publish?

Our Social Listening feature is a social media monitoring solution to keep you inform about what's happen on social medias, look at your performances and speak to your fans.

Posts A/B Tests

Before your posts you can do AB test to determine the best version possible. Test different images combinations, messages, titles and the best version (the one that most clicks) will be posted automatically after 4 minutes.


Our advertising spaces are native, ultra premium and powered by algorithms who combine behavioral and contextual. We reach a very wide audience coming from social networks in our Spotlights, or on the largest publisher websites in our Widgets. Therefore Nonli should be essential to your business because this is a incredible audience acquisition and conversion source.

Our CTR is high, very high, and our CPC is low, because when your campaign is good our CPC decreases.

With us, cheeky ads do not exist, and we are targeting users one by one.

You can create campaign targeting your audience by country/region/GeoPoint, device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac), bandwidth device (Edge, 3G, 4G/WiFi/DSL), publisher's content category (News, Sports, Business, HiTech, Health, Entertainment)... or let our machine learning algorithm makes the right choice.

You can also monitor the performance of your marketing campaigns in real time and have all the necessary information to optimize.

Nonli for advertisers


And why don't you sell SpotLight's advertising spaces by yourself? With "Branding", whether you're advertising agency or social influencer, once you found advertisers, you can use SpotLight as a fabulous space for promotion or partnership.

My Trends

With My Trends, on average Nonli double traffic coming from social networks. It increases Facebook Reach and boosts your posts engagement. My Trends algorithms analyze your articles performance in real-time. We measure page views of your articles, shares, clicks from these shares ... These data allow us to classify your contents by popularity, and virality. In other words, if you share the best articles My Trends gives you, you will have better engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

Share buttons

How and when are shared your contents on your website? Why not get these shares directly in Nonli?

Shared contents list is an accurate information for a community manager. This allows him to know if a content is particularly shared and whether or not to make himself a publication.

Our sharing buttons are compatible with SpotLight and can share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Pinterest, WhatsApp, SMS or email.


Why don't you use the power of our recommendation algorithms on your website? It's possible with our Widget.

Our Widget is fully customizable to meet your business objectives.

Widget is a source of additional income for each publisher, but it's also a great tool for organic recirculation.