Made for publishers Increase and monetize social traffic

In recent years, the traffic coming from Social Networks has overwhelmed the searching one. The way people surf the internet has changed, now, they use the web from their Facebook Newsfeed page.

You knew SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you must now know and master SMO (Social Media Optimization).

SMO (Social Media Optimisation)

Whether you are a community manager, social influencer, blogger or huge media company, Nonli will optimize your performance on social networks.

You can post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+. Before your posts you can do AB test to determine the best version possible. You can publish on one or more accounts at the same time, directly or programmed. Many other features make Nonli an amazing, powerful and complete social publishing platform.

With My Trends and Social Listening, most of our clients use to increase their social traffic portion by 100%.

The only social publishing platform to make money

Besides increasing your traffic from social networks, Nonli is the only platform able to monetize it. With our SpotLight, we provide to our customers a new source of income.

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User experience

When you are a community manager, it's important to save time. We wanted Nonli fluid, simple, with better UX and UI than competitors. That's why we worked hard, closed to our partners: media companies, famous journalists and community managers.