Trending posts

  • Post rankings: see in seconds the most engaging posts, what they look like and how they are structured with their title, image, message and description

  • Total engagement: how many reactions, shares, comments each post is getting

  • Engagement by type of reaction: see post reactions by types (haha, angry, sad, etc.) and get to know what people think about the content

  • Number of shares: how many times people thought their network should know about this post

  • Number of comments: how many times people have shared their thoughts and opinions on a post

  • Publication date: how recent the trending topics are.
    Is the post recent? Or is it an old post still trending despite its age?

  • Engagement trend: see how engagement evolves over time and predict whether a given piece of content/topic is worth using in your own upcoming publications



  • Pages: find the pages you would like to follow to see what they are posting and how well their content is performing

  • Topics: select topics you are interested in and track what is being published on these subjects - and how they are trending


  • By total engagement: have posts with the most reactions, shares and comments appear first

  • By reactions: rank the most popular posts by type of reaction - e.g. know which posts get the most likes or angry

  • By shares: rank posts by the number of times users have shared them with their networks

  • By number of comments: rank posts by the number of comments they received from users

  • By publication date: rank posts by how recently they were published and see how they are performing

  • By engagement trend: rank posts by how much their engagement has grown within a given timeframe



  • Creation date: sort posts by date of creation to find out how well posts published within a certain timeframe have engaged and if they still get engagement

  • Geography: focus your searches on certain territories (cities, regions, states, countries)

  • Category: sort posts by their tags - i.e. the industries/categories of the pages that published them.
    e.g. Liverpool FC is under categories Sports Club, Sports, Sports Team

  • Type of post: include or exclude certain types of posts - video, link, photo, event, status, video, music or note


  • Weak Surge Detection™: Nonli’s Weak Surge Detection will help you spot hot topics before they start trending by normalising the number of fans throughout Facebook - you will be sure to compare equitably how much posts from pages with few fans engage vs. pages with a large audience.

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