Spot trends

  • Market trends: Keep track of what topics are generating engagement on your market on Facebook and leverage these popular subjects to engage with your community and beyond

  • WSD™: Nonli’s Weak Surge Detection will help you spot hot topics before they start trending by normalizing the number of fans throughout Facebook - you will be sure to compare equitably how posts from pages with few fans engage vs. pages with a large audience


Dig up accounts

  • Identify potential partners within your space, find who among them are the best fit for your brand based on their engagement, audience, existing partnerships, etc. and track their performance over time

  • Account Finder: With Nonli’s Account Finder, dig up any public Facebook page and find competitors or new business partners by filtering accounts based on location, category, number of fans automatically - and find your needles in the haystack!

Monitor & compare

  • Benchmarking: Compare your Facebook presence with your competitors, see whose page best engages, what content generates the most engagement and the corresponding types, formats and topics to keep generating more engagement

  • Brand monitoring: Find out who mentions your brand, and those of your partners and react accordingly to either take advantage of engaging content or stop potential bad buzz and safeguard your e-reputation

AB test

Leverage social data to take action

  • Test new social publication formats based on live engagement indicators

  • Respond faster and communicate your message earlier to the media and your community

  • Find and publish your existing content about trending topics on Facebook

  • Enhance your Influence Marketing, Real-time Marketing, Brand monitoring and Benchmarking

  • Start working with new influencers and track how they perform

  • Feed your CRM/SRM and contact potential new business partners

Take advantage of the full potential of Nonli

Cross-reference Facebook data with insights from your online & in-store operations

Generate unique insights with Facebook data


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