Leverage your trends

  • Develop relevant push strategies across channels by sorting products on your websites and in store based on their real-time performance

  • Search for topics/keywords to find and exploit content that is available on your sites and popular with your audience

  • Share custom 1st-party links for each piece of your content to increase your traffic, conversions and find out the exact source of traffic for each visitor that clicked on a link

AB test

Optimize your performance

  • Filter to infinity with your views, conversions, stocks, sales, abandonment rates, etc. to perfect your operations down to the finest detail

  • Identify friction points in the customer journey to improve it and maximize your sales and margins

  • Use your shortened links performance to identify what sources provide you with the best results - i.e. Ads, Organic, Social Media, Search Engine, email, SMS, bloggers, influencers, etc.

Ensure GDPR compliance

  • Track the visitors coming through your 1st-party shortened URLs with your own cookies and anonymous data

  • Opt for an exclusive cookie-free tracking of your visitors to ensure your compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation


Take advantage of the full potential of Nonli

Cross-reference your online & in-store data with insights from Facebook in real time

Get a real-time 360° vision of your operations

Nonli Enterprise

- Exclusive website & in-store real-time intelligence
- GDPR compliant 1st-party URL shortener
- Multi-brand management
- Get access to Facebook Intelligence
- Alerts, automation and more...

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