Trending website content

  • Content rankings: see which of your website pages got the most visits and engagement, and see the structure of the associated content

  • Page views: how many times a page was viewed by your visitors

  • Number of shares: how many times your visitors shared your page content with their network

  • Number of clicks on shares: the number of times people have clicked on shares that came from your website

  • Sales performance: be it a one-off or a subscription, see which of your products or services perform best in volume & value



  • Topics: Select specific topics/keywords to find out what content is available on your website on these subjects - and how it is trending

  • Requests: Generate requests to find content including or excluding certain criteria - e.g. items with discounts higher than X% or pieces of content by author


  • Number of views: see your content in order of views it generated

  • Number of shares: content that generates the most shares appears first

  • Number of clicks on shares: rank content by clicks generated via your website shares - i.e. the number of visits coming from your website shares

  • Sales performance: content is ranked by volume or value of sales



  • Creation date: sort content by date of creation to find out how well content created within a certain timeframe has engaged and if it still gets engagement

  • Geography: focus your searches on certain territories (cities, counties, states, countries)

  • Tags: sort pages by their tags - i.e. the topics/categories of the page
    e.g. for an e-shop, it could be the product category (based on the sitemap); for a media company, it could be the tags linked to the content topic

Short links

  • Shortener: Nonli automatically generates custom branded shortened URLs for each of your website pages when you decide to use them for your publications, for you to keep track of your visitors with 1st party cookies and anonymous data - so that you remain in control of your audience data and comply with GDPR.

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