Cookies Information Page

Nonli uses a cookie, a text file stored on a dedicated space on the Internet user’s computer or mobile device, in connection with the use of the website. The cookie nli makes it possible to collect or store certain information relating to the Internet user’s browsing during its period of validity.

The cookie is attached to the user’s browser and not to the Internet user himself or to his device. This cookie has a limited validity period. It is deposited and stored on your terminal in compliance with the applicable legislation and subject to the choices you have expressed and which you may modify at any time. All information collected by the cookie nli is aggregated and is anonymous.

You can manage your preferences for the cookie nli here. Its aim is to improve the functioning of our website, know the most visited pages of our website and if visitors are being redirected to error pages.

You will find more information about cookies, including the list of cookies installed in your browser, how to set them and delete them at