Feed your strategy with insights.
What Nonli is for:

  • See how your market players engage with their audience to drive your strategic intelligence and know what content people interact with

  • Find out how markets behave, and take action accordingly

  • Identify and take advantage of trending and engaging topics

  • Analyse how you perform compared to others

  • Measure and compare influencers’ performance

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Master your market.
Who can benefit from Nonli:

  • Agencies & Marketing/Communication Experts

  • Social Media/Community Managers & Influencers

  • Content Editors & Journalists

  • Entrepreneurs

Unique perspectives.
What you only get with Nonli:

  • Real-time data to spot trending content as it appears

  • State of the art counters technology for detailed historical analysis

  • Unique Weak Surge Detection™ to catch trends before everyone else

  • The widest range of filters and rankings to slice & dice Facebook content data

  • Both Boolean and Lucene searches for unlimited queries capability

  • 1 month of historical data retrieved for all accounts added to Nonli Listening

  • Pay as you grow for flexible budget management


Take advantage of the full potential of Nonli Listening

The most powerful Facebook listening solution, made available to everyone

Nonli Listening Pro

Try Nonli for free for 14 days with 400 queries, then pay as you grow starting with 500 monthly search queries

$14 per month
per user

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