Facebook Intelligence

  • Find accounts among tens of millions of Facebook pages

  • Spot trends, engaging content, influencers and more in real time

  • Slice & dice aggregated data to infinity to rank and compare accounts & posts

  • And more...


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Traffic Intelligence

  • Cross-reference your online and in-store data in real time to optimize your overall operations

  • Analyze your visitors’ behavior through exclusive GDPR-compliant 1st-party URL shortener

  • Identify which pages, products, articles, content can help maximize your revenue and margins

  • And more...


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Our team provides you with exclusive content and insights including studies, facts, debunks, interviews, etc.

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White papers & studies that provide insights on Facebook best practices through the analysis of millions of posts.

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Our team provides articles with thoughts, ideas, and debunks about social media in today's business world.


Take advantage of the full potential of Nonli

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