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Increase Social Traffic, And make your links profitable


Make your links profitable

Sign up to create and manage your links, see your profits or create campaigns to get more traffic.

Retain your social audience

Nonli helps you to monetize and increase traffic coming from social networks.

New ads formats

Nonli is directly connected with social users. It brings them a new experience with a real added value.


Products Functions

Social Links

Nonli helps you to post links on social networks. Our links will increase your social audience and make money with.

Between social links and target pages, we print Spotlight. Spotlight is smooth page, smart, fast and brings a pleasant experience to users. You could change the design of Spotlight (color, logo, analytic tag) to make people focus on your brand.

Nonli for community managers

One tool to post, follow and optimize. Compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin.

Broadcast your contents to all your social pages and get the performance of your work, in live!


Our widgets, associated with our algorithms, will bring to users contents they will love. Our data scientists combined four targeting algos to give to users the best experience possible: behavioral targeting, content targeting, re targeting and our brand new viral targeting.

Nonli Widget

Nonli for advertisers

You can create campaigns directly in our back office. Campaigns allow you to increase traffic, engagement, app installation, video views, fans.

Our dashboard gives you all the necessary information to optimize results and control your budget.